Social Audit: A Manual for Trainers

Social Audit: A Manual for Trainers

Mode of learning: Self Learning

Duration: 30 Days

Who should attend: District Resource Persons/Block Resource Persons at the State level coordinators and resource persons conducting specific sessions and finally for all those engaged in training for building capacities of field practitioners for credible social audit.

Course Description: This manual for trainers is part of the Certificate Course on Social Accountability and Social Audit for District Resource Persons/Block Resource Persons for the conduct of social audit in States across India. this certificate course will engage in group discussions and assignments outside of the classroom, so that they can build upon their own and others’ experience. Each day has a broad theme and comprises two or more sessions that focus on specific topics.

The certificate course, to be conducted at State Institutes of Rural Development (SIRDs) in India, is to be led by a team of coordinators who will be selected based on certain criteria. They are the Lead Course Coordinator, a senior practitioner in the State, a representative of the Social Audit Unit (SAU) of the State, and a representative of the SIRD of the State. They would go through a training programme to prepare them as trainers and introduce them to this manual.

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